Title: Les Jardins du Taj-Mahal
Format: 14.8x24cm
Date: 2016-2021
27x10 pages - 1/1
Aleph Books

Details: Artist book collab. with 27 international artists upon Michel Foucault’s “heterotopia” - Original drawings, texts, prints, collage and photographies

Title: Ce qui me retenait
Format: 18x24cm
Date: 2020
3x36 pages
Self published

Details: Artist book collab. with Constance Camus-Govoroff, three saddle-stitched booklets, mulberry Corean paper soft-cover printed on ink jet + laser print inside,  Nepalese paper folder.

Title: Simultaneous Relationships
Format: 20x28cm
Date: 2016
62 pages
Self published

Details: BA Thesis (HEAD), adhesive binding and soft cover, blue and black silk print + risograph, and laser print, collab. with Julien Fischer

Title: Furniture Skin
Format: 18x25cm
Date: 2015
24 pages
Self published
Geneva - Vevey

Details: Artist book published during Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival 2015, soft cover, b&w laser print + gray risograph, collab. w/ Julien Fischer 

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