Title: Gather, Heal, Organize
Location: Standard DeluxeLausanne 
Date: 2018

Details: A project by Outrage Collectif in support of the struggles against police violence & state racism

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Title: and fé Les Mouettes
Location: Place de l’ancien port 3, Vevey 
Date: 2017-2018

Details: self-organized project space fostering on social art

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a collective project by
axaxaxa mixed media

Title: Esperluette
Location: Les Mouettes, Vevey 
Date: 2016

Details: duo exhibition of Adrien Rupp & Léonie Vanay currated at the Collective RATS’ artist-run space

Title: Riviera
Location: Les Mouettes, Vevey 
Date: 2015

Details: Trio exhibition of Vianey Fivel, Camille Besson & Gilles Furtwängler currated with Thomas Koenig (RATS Collective)

Title: Do it (to) yourself
Location: Les Mouettes, Vevey 
Date: 2014

Details: Exhibition of Zooscope Collective hosted by RATS Collective

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