Title: Djihad-e Akbar
Location: Vevey
Size: 29,7x42cm
Date: 2020

Details: painting on photo frame, A3 inkjet print out of  arabic stallion youtube found footage

Title: Tao Te Ching
Location: Vevey
Size: 42cmx29,7
Date: 2020

Details: painting on photo frame, A3 inkjet  of a 1:1 orthopedic foot scan

Title: The return from the Exile of the seagull
Location: Valentin 61, Lausanne
Size: 15x21cm 
Date: 2020

Details: part of the virtual collective exhibition “COVID” currated by Marie-Christine Gailloud-Matthieu during lockdown

painting, drawing and encarving on digital photography

on sale @valentin61.ch

Title: Circle
Location: Private Collection, Lausanne 
Size: 30cm 
Date: 2016

Details: on collaboration with Khaleh Khatoon (Neshapoor, Khorasan, Iran)

gazelle skin on shape canevas

Title: AccidentalDripping.jpg
Location: la GAD, Galerie Arnaud Deschin, Marseille
Size: 929x622px 
Date: 2014

Details: part of the collective exhibition “Happy Birthday Party” currated by Chloé Curci

Title: Sans-titre
Location: Private Collection, Lausanne
Dimensions: variable 
Date: 2013

Details: accrylic paint on wood

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