Title: “Where am I heading to?”
Location: Private Collections, Swizerland
Size: 21x29,7cm
Date: 2016

Details: overlayered lithography part of a series (1/10) printed at ECAL by Simon Paccaud from a collage work made in Teheran

Title: Gold is Fire
Location: Private Collection, Geneva
Size: 44 
Date: 2016

Details: silk print chino pants

Title: Bâgh [garden]
Location: Valentin61, Lausanne
Dimensions: variable
Date: 2016

Details: silk print on magazine holders and carpet + sound installation part of the collective installation “Stacy” by collectiv RATS currated Marie-Christine Gailloud-Matthieu 

Title: Point de départ et variations
Location: Private Collections,
Dimensions: A4
Date: 2013

Details: 1/30, two layered rizograph print part of the exhibition “Point de départ et variations.  

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